Posted by: Amanda | June 16, 2007

A Possible New Adventure

I am praying about taking on the mid week children’s program at church.  Apparently it has wound down to almost babysitting in the last few years.  I have a developing vision of what I want.  More of a Bible Club than a sunday school on Wednesdays.  Our church is small 70-15 people on a Sunday.  At its height, the “His Kids” on Wednesdays was about 12 kids – 1-6th grade.  So I am thinking two simultaneous groups 1-3 and 4-6; 1 hour long – kids praise music playing when the kids come in.  The hour broken into 3 20 min segments  The first segmen would be working on memory verses – games, songs, recitation, and kids have the opportunity to stand up and say it to get it recorded on some sort of chart that will list all of our verses for the school year.  A big chart that hangs on the wall and has stars and says “Hiding God’s Word In Our Hearts”, the second 20 minutes – Awana style games, steal the bacon, crossing the room in a crab walk – stuff that can be done with tape on the floor indoors.  And the third 20 minutes a  bible study from a workbook that the kids take home with them each week.  The lessons would be foundational Christian basics of God’s Character, love, and salvation message.

The church already has some resource packages and I am looking at them, but they are very Sunday School and I want this to be simple, upbeat, fun – yet teaching the basic “catechism” to quote KravMom. like Awana does, without all the structure of Awana.  I love Awana, don’t get me wrong.  But we don’t have the people to run that program.  Not now anyway.  According to the Awana website you may be able to use some of their materials without being  registered club, so we may do that.  Or I may adapt the materials the church has, or I may find something else – there is one mega church that has a work book and memory verse pack that might work well with what I envision – but I have to research it more. 

I am thinking of getting our own designated room and permission to paint HIS KIDS! in a colorful design on the wall (helps to have an artistic husband).

And of course, I haven’t actually committed to doing this yet, but the church staff member who oversees children’s programs is excited about me doing something and said I can build it however I want to.

I won’t make a final decison until after we get back from Placerville and actually probably not until August.  It starts the new year in September.

So, if  you remember me, or the Spirit puts it on your heart, I am praying for Wisdom, Guidance, to hear His leading, if I do this to do it in His power (Lord knows, my power won’t get me through this weekly long term committment).

There is a need, I have the skills, I have the desire – so now we are just trying to make sure it is His Will and I am not getting ahead of Him.  And of course that if we proceed, that He blesses it and brings the children.

A very cool thing about this is that my dear friend V is interested in helping with this too – though she is Girl Scout Queen of our area and very committed there, I simply enjoy anything we do together 10 x more than I do by myself.  Our daughters are great friends, so it makes it really nice


  1. What a beautiful idea!

  2. New adventures are always exciting! Good luck 🙂

  3. This all sounds wonderful. It sounds like you actually plan to TEACH the children something. What an encouragement to my heart. Let me know if you need any resource suggestions.


  4. Started ‘In Walked Love’ last night and I can’t put it down!!

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