Posted by: Amanda | July 13, 2007

Movie recommendation

Recently I was on the verge of cancelling my netflix subscription because my que of movies had lots of movies I wanted to see but were not necessarily ones I wanted Em to see. So they would sit for weeks until one of us had time or energy to watch after Em was in bed. It was a waste. But then in a well timed marketing tool, netflix reduced my monthly fee. So I removed all the movies from the list that I wouldn’t let Em see. The one that arrived this week and we just finished watching was very good.

If you haven’t seen Akeelah and the Bee, go out and rent it. Its a down right good flick. Family friendly too.


  1. We tend to be winter watchers more. Documentaries are something that we really enjoy together. A friend recommended The Life of Birds and it was amazing. I need a little break between nature ones, but Paul plowed through them all in a row and eventually roped me in.

  2. Great film. I enjoyed it as well.

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