Posted by: Amanda | July 13, 2007

Tales from the trip

When I arrived in Placerville, one of the first surprises I received was that my Dad had taught Emily how to do donuts in his electric wheelchair.  They gave me a sample right  in the kitchen.

Last year my dad put in a new deck and we spent a lot of time out there.  Emily and Mammaw slept in the tent the whole two weeks and we ate more than half of our meals outthere.  This was Emily’s birthday night.  We had already had her chosen meal at noon time – chineese food and birthday cake was long eaten and presents opened.  We decided to have a barbeque and stayed outside playing board games afterwords until darkness chased us in at almost 10 pm.

Emily’s creativity was at full speed coming out in the oddest ways.  One day she painted her hand – can you guess who its supposed to be?  Captain Jack Sparrow.

Emily decorates her bike and ride it in the local 4th of July parade.

She liked her Crocs

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