Posted by: Amanda | July 16, 2007

HP5 Movie a Disapointment

I have read books 3-6. loved them all and have 7 on preorder.  Book 5 was wonderful.  The movies can’t capture everything that is in the book, but until now they have done a pretty good job of getting the high points.

Not so with 5.  Key and well loved parts were left out.  The movie doesn’t capture the adventure, the danger of 5.  It doesn’t come close, or really even try to embody the changing nature of the relationships.

Didn’t like it. 

I am very glad there is a book coming soon to satisfy my HP longing.  This movie didn’t do it.


  1. Hey friend! It took me a minute to figure out what the heck you were talking about. I wasn’t sure what HP 5 was! LOL!!! I didn’t even know there was another movie until we went to the theater this weekend and I saw it listed and sold out all over the place! LOL!!!! I’m so not with it!

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