Posted by: Amanda | August 19, 2007

A Whole New World

Since I last recorded here for my own history, or for your enjoyment, our world is different.  The biggest change is that we are no longer a small little family.  We are now a family of five, – Mom, Dad, Daughter, Grandma and Nana.  Other than a few hiccups of adjustment, its not a nuts as it sounds.  Its working, mostly. 

We are well on our way with the weeknight children’s ministry at church, and V and I are very excited about it.  Ben painted our name on the wall and I will post some photos of the work in progress soon.

Emily has had a full schedule this summer, she loved learning to play tennis – did not particularly enjoy the local parks rec/free play program, and tumbling classs was also a hit.

Diving continues to be a passion and she has shown so much progress due to hard work.  We are so proud of her.

The sure sign that fall is around the corner is that cheer starts up next week with some pre-season practices.  That begins our whirlwhind of fall that takes us into November. 

We will have a week night practice, and church on Wednesday nights.  A football game and a diving lesson on Saturdays.  And rumor has it that in third grade we start the daily homework instead of weekly packets. 

It does seem like my assignment at work may change soon, but I am not sure in which direction or exactly how much it will impact.  Ben’s work is trying to go to twelve hour shifts and that will definately impact the schedule of family.

So, its a whole new world around here.  But hey — its all good.


  1. Wow. That sounds like a big adjustment!

  2. It’s nice to read an update! Sounds like you have a big family adjustment to make, but how sweet and cozy for E to be surrounded by these extra people who cherish her. The diving talent is so interesting because I’ve seen very few kids her age who can dive at all, much less very well…impressive.

  3. So great to hear an update! I’m glad everyone is adjusting.

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