Posted by: Amanda | September 14, 2007

Football season has arrived!

Me:  Who did you have lunch with today?

Em:  Troy and Nick

Me:  Those are new names, are they in your class?

Em:  No.

Me:  How do you know them?

Em:  They are football players

Me:  On the team you cheer for?

Em:  Yes.  I said – do you play football and they said yes and I said I cheer for you, so I sat with them at lunch because I am a cheerleader.

Third Grade.  Wow.

(the rest of the conversation was relayed later)

Em:  Nick said “the football coach’s daughter is really cute”.  Nick watches the cheerleaders.

Me:  Did you tell him the coach’s daughter is your best friend?

Em:  Yes, and I told him she already has a boyfriend.


  1. and the boy/girl thing begins!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Too cute!

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