Posted by: Amanda | October 1, 2007

Not to be missed book

I just finished a book I picked up on a fluke walking through Georgetown last weekend.  It was absolutely great!  YOU HAVE TO READ THIS:

Tolstoy Lied, by Rachel Kadish.

Granted the timing in my life was quite interesting.  I am living so much inside my own head right now, struggling with things I don’t dare put words to. 

But the book – its great.  Everything I love in a novel.


  1. I am getting ready to look for a new book to read; I think I’ll try this one if I can manage a trip to the bookstore soon.

  2. I clicked on the link and read the excerpt.

    Ooh…she’s good.

    Might have to check this one out.

  3. KrisAnne,

    I think you will especially like her descriptions of academia and her philosophy of why it is what it is.

    Will love to discuss this book with both of you KrisAnne and Sherry.


  4. Inside your head, huh? I do that too. I hope you are able to put it into words soon, because it does help.

  5. I’m off to Borders today to buy this (I have a coupon too). I am sitting around book-less and that’s not a good thing! Thanks.

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