Posted by: Amanda | November 3, 2007

I hope this isn’t a trend

I have been up since 3:30 with abdominal pain and a mind racing with thoughts from my day.  Had planned to talk it all through with a friend last night, but for whatever reason that fell through.

When I started blogging several years ago, I went through a sleeplessness period that turned out to be related to my prescription decongestants.  But it was months of early morning blogging before that trend stopped.

The abdominal pain has been a week or so now.   I cant figure out how much of it is digestive and how much stress.  But laying down does seem to make it more painful.


On another note,  someone today remembered something I had said in a conversation more than a month ago and referred to the bit of information (not the original conversation) in another context.

Why does that always make one feel so heard..appreciated..valued?  Something so simple. 


  1. Hope you feel better soon.

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