Posted by: Amanda | November 4, 2007

Counting Blessings

Emily is doing well right now.  We had a great meeting with her third grade teacher last week.  We love this teacher.  She is so intuitive, along with extremely well trained and extremely intelligent.  She said some great things that have immediate positive impact on Emily and her perfectionism issues.  Its so nice to be celebrating successes with her.


We had performance day today and all the girls did great.  They really got the crowd participating with their “Hey all you wild cat fans” cheer.  I am very ready to see cheer end this year and don’t know if we will do it again next year or not (we never seem to decide that until the week to register) but it was fun to see them so excited and do so well.  Having won the spirit stick at the last all squad practice was a fun plus and our coaches were so proud.


Emily’s diving is progressing as well and this is her real love in sports.  She now has a line up that includes a straight jump and tuck jump as well as forward entry (1 m and 3m) and bunny hop, pike, back entry, moving start(I can’t remember what that’s called and will have to ask Em in the morning), and combination bunny hop front entry (1 m)


She is such a doll with her little tomboy haircut and purple glasses.  Today her hair was all curled and glittered up and she loved.  I love how she is comfortable in many styles.


She continues to draw for long periods of time and occasionally will disapear for some time with either her guitar or recorder.  She has started playing with


She has a couple girlfriends at school and they have declared that they all three like horses.  My first thought was o boy – the pre-teen obsession with horses – that is a stereotypical phase – here we go (a bit early!)  At least we bypassed the disney princess for the most part, excet tinkerbell  who has her own distinct personality anyway 🙂


She wants holiday barbie and a drum set for Christmas.  Her room is decorated in dragonflies and butterflies.  She wants to be a scientist or a police officer when she grows up.  When I tell her I love her, her response is more often than not… “I love you more.”


She gave me advice today about an interpersonal conflict I was discussing with Ben.  She said – excuse me mom, but when we have lessons about bullies at school – we have a bully free school but they talk to us about it every year – they told us to use “I” messages.


My daughter:  smart, funny, sensitive, loving, individual, wonderful – my biggest blessing.

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