Posted by: Amanda | November 12, 2007

Another side

I emerged from the metro station directly onto the street.  The gray sky was heavy with that not quite drizzle wetness.  The trees stood only half full of aging leaves.  Puddles seeped in the gravel on the national mall.  Gloveless, a cup of cocoa called me up the path between two secret service men to the concession stand.  Their clear coil ear pieces were straight out of a Clint Eastwood movie.  I watched the one closest to me aprise me and decide I was harmless.  As I waited I sw the box of swiss miss mix and decided not to wait.  I smiled at the man and walked further along constitution avenue.  The District was showing me a part of its character I had not yet experienced.

I approached the steps of the nga with a sense of peace.  The exhibition The Art of the American Snapshot was a highlight of the trip.  I also enjoyed the Degas sculptures and my favorite Cezanne.

It was quiet and peaceful for most of my two hours in the galleries.  The garden courts are deffinately a place I would go to be with my thoughts if I lived closer.  As the morning wore on, I noticed it would also be a great place to people watch, but I was in much too introspective a mood for that this morning.

I have wanted to visit the NGA since moving to northern virginia.  Lacking friends or family who would choose this destination over many other opportunities in the tourist mecca, I had not gone.  In the crucible that has been my mind in the last few months, I had decided that along with acceptance of the choices I have made and the life that gives me, I will also embrace the person I am and want to be.  Today was an experiment in trying to figure out how those two sides might peacefully coexist.

I am comfortable with my own independance.  I value meandering to the melody of my own flute, so to speak as it doesn’t quite feel like my own drummer yet.  But as I search for clarity to accompany my acceptance, I realize that in both sides of my life I long for neither crowds nor solitude. 

As I step out from the halls of visual emotion, the gray sky greets me with no less moisture.  The trees are no more full or empty.  But the national mall is once again the place it has always been as I walk back past crowds of families and couples with cameras.

I love Autumn on the east coast.  This Autumn has filled me with the vibrance of  orange leaves, and the knowledge of the barrenness of the winter to come.

I prefer company on this journey.

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