Posted by: Amanda | November 23, 2007

Bad Mom stuff

Emily is sick – poor little thing.  Barky cough, runny nose.  Just looks like she feels miserable.   I feel for her I do.  She had chicken soup and grilled cheese for dinner and I am about to go tuck her in.

But you know what the bad mom moment was – when I came home and she was curled up with my new “softest blanket ever” that I wanted to curl up with and watch a movie, I was cranky about it inside my head.  I can’t use it now till I wash it or I will get sick, and after the crappy day I had – I really wanted that blanket.

Lots of juice for the pumpkin tomorrow and a visit to the dr on Monday if that cough doesnt sound either better or more productive.


  1. Your not a bad Mom. Every one feels that way if they are honest. We just get tired of being the caretakers I think. We need to be cared for to at times. xoxo Nita

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