Posted by: Amanda | January 14, 2008


I got up very early after only 5 hours of sleep that was interupted several times.

I listened to my  music which makes me happy.

I accomplished part, but not of all of what I wanted to at my early morning work session.

I worried a little about how upcoming positive changes will impact something I value and enjoy.

I went to the first day of a 4 day training class and it went pretty well.

I had good company for a quick lunch, and then I had to buy a tide pen because I dripped grease on myself (and felt like an embarassing slob).

Went back to training class which was increasingly better after lunch.

I finished some stuff up in my office, and started feeling a little tired physically. 

A friendly phone call helped.

I made plans for a little later start in the morning tomorrow, but still to be at work before the sun rises.

I stopped at the market on the way home and bought fresh vegies for my food plan.

I received a call while in the grocery store asking me what was for dinner and would I bring some fast food home (I said no) despite the fact that I consulted everyone in the household about the impact on them and asking for their support before beginning this.

I came home to reports of people getting frustrated with other people and fussing and arguing and accusing.

I felt tired again, emotionally this time. 

I hugged my daughter and told her I was proud of her

I listened to the interactions around me, and once again disconnected.

I felt guilty about what all this does to me as a mom.

Now I have to work somemore on a document I worked on for six hours yesterday – and hope I can get it a little more right this time, though I know that it is very unlikely that I will be able to accomplish the stated goal.

But first, my girl needs me -good night all.

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