Posted by: Amanda | January 16, 2008


I like change.  Generally, I thrive on change.  Especially the big dramatic kind.

There is a  remote possibility of a change coming in my life.  It’s dependant on a number of things outside my control.  But overall, it would be a positive change.

That positive change, would also have an impact on something else in my life that I consider very positive.  The impact would not be negative, but it would necessarily change some aspects of the good thing.  The degree is unclear – maybe only the details, maybe more.  Not the essence for sure. 

For the first time in my life, I found myself thinking – but I really don’t want that to change.  I like the way things are.  I want the big change, but not the resulting changes.

Never thought that way before.  Getting older?  The importance of the impacted portions?  Already had too much change in the last couple years?

Funny thing is, if the first change doesn’t happen, I already have a back up plan to create another change to improve something I am dissatisfied with.  Plan B could also have similar subsequent impacts, but not as likely.

So I guess I am still flexible and adaptable.

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