Posted by: Amanda | January 18, 2008


Its the last day of a 4 day training course in leadership.  I have been working 2-3 hours over the regular day to keep regular work moving while I am in this course.  Its been a long, emotional week.  I just missed having lunch with a friend I had been trying to connect with all week.  I am resting my head against the wall in the corner in the last few minutes before the class is to start up again.  The instructor is looking out the window at the newly falling snow. 

Me:  Are you flying out this afternoon?

Cal: No, I live XX

Me: I live (city near there).

Cal:  Its really snowing.

Me:  I am a California girl, the snow still surprises and delights me.

Cal:  but it can make for a rough drive.

Me:  The first time I drove while it was snowing,  I felt like I was in the middle of a snow globe.

Cal: (Pause, gentle smile)  You are a romantic!

Me:  Yes, yes I am – and I just recently discovered or admitted that about myself 🙂

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