Posted by: Amanda | January 26, 2008

Quaint like the Shining

After quite a bit of fussing, and a lot of procrastination, we settled on an affordable ski resort within a somewhat reasonable drive and booked it late Friday night.  We drove halfway leaving at 10:35 pm on Friday (thank you priceline) and arrived this morning at the very charming Shawnee Inn.  As we drove in the parking attendant asked our name and as we pulled around to the front, the bellman greeted us by name and informed us our room was ready. 

The hotel was built in 1911 and has the slightly aged charm of a once grand building.  Red carpeted stairs lead to a glistening white wide porch with rocking chairs.  The lobby has overstuffed chairs in front of a fire.  Our room is small and cozy and the beds are covered with down comforters.

Everyone is friendly.  I mean friendly, friendly.

Ben and Em snowboarded at the slopes 3 min down the road, and I had a peppermint patty in the lodge and read my book.  We had a lovely dinner at Sam Snead’s (where Emily was very well behaved for our quiet and elegant meal) and then headed down to the river that runs along the hotel property for a bonfire.  The girls who built it say this is a great place to work and the family that owns it is often on property and they like that they get to interact with them.

A family resort. 

To me, it feels like something out of dirty dancing.  The main house, the outlying houses, the family style activities.  The basket of apples in the lobby.

Ben said – its like the Shining.  (Glad I never saw the movie).  A guy (named Thor – can you believe it) at the bonfire also said the hotel reminded him of The Shining.

I like my quaint, quiet, little internet surprise.  If I ever needed a quiet retreat place to be alone – to write, think, rejuvenate, walk along the river, sit on the porch.  This would be the place I would come.

Ben and Em are out for some night snowboarding.   I am going to have a glass of wine and then retire to the room for some relaxation with my good book.

Tomorrow when Ben and Em hit the slopes early – I am going to visit the spa, see a play at the local play house and enjoy a walk by the river and reading in a rocker on the front porch (all bundled up).

So, despite a difficult start – and not being terribly impressed with the poconos in general (so not a beautiful as California’s mountains) – It has been a good day, and a promising tomorrow.

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