Posted by: Amanda | January 26, 2008

Second – “coming of age” novels

I have discovered a new kind of “coming of age novel”  I loved them in my teens and 20s.  The Chaim Potok, Erich Segal novels particularly.  But really all of that genre really got me.

Now I find myself drawn to novels that I had not encountered before but must have been there all along.  All three of the books I have read so far, and the one I am reading now are sort of like the “coming of age” of the thirty something – mid life identity crisis variety.

I like em.  Makes me feel like I am not crazy or quite so alone as all this quasi drama feels.  Also, just as the angst of my 20’s settled down eventually – surely as I approach 40, I will feel more comfortable in my own life and skin.

Also, 2008 promises to be a good reading year. 

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