Posted by: Amanda | February 3, 2008

“The Party’s With Us”

I knew the Hannah Montana Concert 3D Movie was a hit when the van was suddenly filled with eight year old voices singing “I’ve Got Nerve”.  I smiled as I thought back over the last hour of watching not the cool 3D effects, but my daughter and her friends with big black glasses, bobbing their heads and waving their glow in the dark clad wrists.

We headed back to the house where I reported to work at “Rico’s surf shop” serving up nachos, corn dogs, and cheese pizza across our kitchen bar.  2 gallons of red kool aid later, they were still dancing and bouncing around the living room to Ms. Cyrus’ pop tunes.  A game of truth or dare followe on the sleeping bags strewn across the living room floor.  Then they traipsed giggling up the stairs shouting “MAKEOVER”.   When they straggled back down, I passed out the Hannah Montana activity books and they filled out the secret diary portion, sharing answers, whispering and giggling.

My baby.  8.  growing up.  Full on giggling girl.

Loving her very first slumber party.

Worth every Hannah Montana moment.

I slept on the couch to be on scared away from home moments.  At seven am as I was scrambling eggs, a quiet high pitched noise began to grow.  That was the best sleep over ever!  What’s your fav HM song?  Are you awake?  Are you cold?  Did you sleep? I am tired?   

It was a good day.


  1. Very impressive.

    I am taking Lydia to HM this Tuesday, just the two of us.

  2. How cool! You are an awesome mom!

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