Posted by: Amanda | February 15, 2008

Boob Talk

Today seemed to be about boobs.

It being friday, I wore a pair of purple pants with a black and purple retro blouse.  I often get complements on the blouse.  It shows a tiny bit of cleavage, but nothing immodest.

I got to work, and saw a female colleague.  Last week I was wearing a new blouse I had to pin because the faux wrap wasn’t laying right.  We talked about cami’s as a solution. Because I was very cranky and tired yesterday and we had discussed it, I said to her “I am in a much better place today.”   She looked at my chest.  I said – mood wise. and looked where she was looking.  Oh, I said.  and laughed.  She said, I thought you meant placement!

I had lunch with a male friend, as we are discussing an important project, I spill honey mustard sauce straight down the inside of my blouse onto said cleavage.  Tell me, how do you clean that one up discreetly (answer, you don’t until you can get to the bathroom – I know… ewww)

So then I am at home in the evening.  Telling a story about my day wherein my boss appreciates something I worked on.  Emily pokes me in the boob and says – you are wearing your black bra!  I said yes.  I always wear that bra with this top because the others peek out.  She said.  I can tell because they look big in that bra!  She pokes me again and runs away.

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