Posted by: Amanda | February 17, 2008

Presidential Weekend Parenting

Ben and Emily left before 7 am on Saturday to go snowboarding.  I had a whole day in front of me and I froze.  The only fun thing I could think of to do was go into NYC, but I am too much of a chicken to go by myself for the first time.

Plus, I have dreamed of going to NYC since I was 12 years old.  Somehow with all that romantic fantasizing, I need that first trip to be special.  Either a raucously fun trip with friends, or a classically tourist “magic of the city” trip.

Plus, I put off some important work, to do some more interesting work with a colleague and found myself feeling unexpectedly pressured to get the other stuff done.  That combined with an unexpected twist of my own fault, I found myself in the position of possibly not being ABLE to get into the building until Tuesday.  So I pursued resolving that issue, and at the last moment was able through the willingness of a colleague to get my issue resolved.

So, I spent a good portion of a gorgeous Saturday of a three day weekend, at work.  In a job I don’t like, in a work space that is problematic.

Then I came home and took care of some family things, and then just chilled until the husband and child returned and I crawled into bed with Emily for some cuddling of my very tired girl.

Today being Sunday – we did Sunday School in which something was stated that disturbed me quite a bit about this body that we have becomed quite obligated to.  During Church, my stomach began churning with fire and I spent most of the worship service between the ladies room and laying down in the upper classrooms.  Then I made it through a board of ed meeting, barely.

We came home and Em and I both took Sunday afternoon naps.  She woke up achy and not quite feverish.  I am still struggling with bathroom trips.

Hopefully tomorrow will have us both feeling better.  I am pretty sure her issues are 11 hours straight of snowboarding and mine are physical manifestations of the stress of what happened in Sunday School.

Tomorrow is my day with Em in this long weekend.  We are going to breakfast together, then meeting a group at the Air and Space Museum.  Will probably go get our hair cut or get pedicures afterwords.  Hanging out and having fun with my girl.

Tuesday – Friday next week at work should be calm.  Decision makers are out , so pending changes are unlikely to move forward.  1/3 of my little group that hangs out will be out of town, so unlikely to have any blowing off steam sessions.

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