Posted by: Amanda | March 4, 2008

Lets Talk AI

  • OK, I finally get the David Archuleta thing.  The judges didn’t like this week, but this performance got me.  I get it.  He’s good.  And when he becomes a man, he will be attractive and marketable for the business end of it.
  • Normally I am a sucker for an accent, but Michael Johns’ doesn’t get me.  But boy oh boy – LOVED his sound on Don’t you forget about me. 
  • I don’t want to, but I can’t help it.  I just like David Cook.  He is ugly, but when he sings – his eyes are magnetic.  And his voice is sexy. 
  • Normally I like Jason Castro a lot.  The Judges loved what he did.  I didn’t.  
  • Going Home? Luke Menard and Chickezie


  1. Must we???? LOL!!!!

    sorry I couldn’t help myself. I’m not an AI fan at all. I don’t watch it I think it is on way too often and would consume too much of my time!

    I know, I know, I’m in the minority here!

    On the other hand I would be happy to discuss the very soon to be opening day of Baseball!!! LOL!!!!!! Not that baseball consumes tons of my time or anything! LOL!!!!!

  2. I like David Cook too! I loved that version of Billie Jean that he did. Genius! My husband likes Brooke, and she is pretty fantastic.

    Jason should cut his hair off. That boy has great eyes, but all you see when you look at him is all that hair. Cut it off!

    Kristy Lee – every week I think she’s gone, and then she manages to stay in it.

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