Posted by: Amanda | March 27, 2008


Maybe. I am in Charlottesville for the VA festival of the book.  One of my annual traditions is getting lost between my favorite little center on Emmet Street and Historic downtown.  Which I did again today.  Its a lovely drive.So, imagine my surprise when my well planned arrival at my brothers house came along in the schedule and my GPS failed to work.  You see, My Brother – the ultimate IT geek (the man has three computers in the house he lives in alone), had texted and then gmailed me his address and google earth location.   I loaded that info into my GPS on my Juke phone this morning before leaving the house (thus earning me the geekette endearment from big bro).I pulled out of the parking lot after my first session, and the darn thing wouldn’t navigate.  But … ready for it, this is the amazing part… the part that may save me from all geekdom.  I remembered from a conversation earlier in the week that big bro said it is basically three right turns from the downtown mall to his house.  I was at this house (that he bought earlier this year) only once.  I turned right out of the parking lot.  I turned right on 9th because most of the traffic was going that way.  Then I drove.  I started to turn on a street that the name seemed familiar (which would have been the third right) but realized that the view of the Shenandoah Mountains from his deck was actually up ahead on the right, so I kept going.  Till I saw the coffee place across the street from community!I made it with no street names, no real directions!  Just three rights and the Mountains!  No getting lost!  No technology!Geekette – maybe!  But I am getting my bearings.Oh, and can I say again – how much I love Charlottesville.The local repertory theatre is putting on Cat on a Hot Tin Roof next Thursday!    

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