Posted by: Amanda | May 6, 2008

Friendships – a rich treasure

Friends are one of life’s sweetest gifts.  I have long been one to revel in the joys of laying around backyards and pools and each other’s houses just passing the time, knowing richness that friends bring to our own lives.

This weekend I experienced once again another way that friends bring joy and richness to our lives, by showing our kids the world that is not ours, the world that their family inhabits and frequents, by expanding horizons and building in uncritical play, by stretching their wings in safety.

Emily was invited by some friends at church to go fishing on Sunday.  These are good people, Emily meshing in nicely with their own daughters.  I didn’t ask where.  Somewhere in the woods around here.  They were to be gone for 4 hours.  

See, fishing is not something I do.  Em will see museums with me, she will read books and see plays.  With us, she is the only child.  With them, she is one of 4 kids in tow.  With her Mammaw, she hikes and kayaks and learns of her own competence.  In San Diego we have friends with a huge lovely backyard and long time best buddy of Emily’s.  I always thought meandering afternoons at their house was a good addition to our urban existence.

So friends, enrich our lives, but just by being themselves, when we embrace each other’s children we expand their universe of loving experiences.

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