Posted by: Amanda | May 7, 2008

Sick!! – updated

So, you all know I came home from PR with a sunburn (aside – the peeling has begun!). I went to work Thursday, not feeling great, but OK.  Friday I had a head cold.  I stayed home and in bed drinking juice all day Friday, Saturday, and except for one small errand that wiped me out, on Sunday too.  (this despite the beautiful spring weather I know will be gone as soon as I am up from my sick bed – sickness always turns me pessimistic).  So Monday I go to work, sit miserably all day saying I will go home as soon as I get this task done.  You do know how long any task requiring higher thinking skills takes when you are sick right?  So I finally go home about 4:30.  Straight to bed.  In bed all day yesterday.  Drank 2 full juice bottles of high vitamin C cranberry juice.  


4 am:  I can do this.  There are two things I can only do from my office.  The other 3 things I really have to do would be easier from work, but can be done remotely and emailed back in.  But quicker easier.  I have rested all night.  I can do this.  Another hour sleep and I will get up and go in.

5 am:  Full body racking hacking making my head and my ribs hurt.  Go downstairs and take meds.  I can’t do this.  I can call one person to take care of one thing.  The other they don’t really need, they can get the info other places.  My three things I have to do?  One I realize I don’t have all the info at home.  I guess that can wait one more day if I do it first thing.  Will work on the other two from bed with juice and lots of breaks. plus maybe I should call the doctor, this is day 5 of bed rest and I am also almost out of my prescription decongestants.

6 am:  resting nicely.  Maybe I can go in, just a little late.  

8:30 get up to start to get dressed.  Maybe meds are working.  Dizziness.  Hacking cough.  Oh no – ooey gooey goop coming out of my right eye.

8:45 called the doctor.  got an appt at 11 with a physicians assistant.


 11:15 – Bronchitis.

12:00 $100 co-pay for 5 prescriptions

12:30 – 3 chick flicks and taking command of my couch for the rest of the day.





  1. Are you better yet?

  2. not yet. but the movies were good.

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