Posted by: Amanda | May 22, 2008

Two weeks later

Doctor added prednisone med pack to the regime today as I am still struggling with this nasty thing.

I had tickets to hear John Updike deliver the annual Jefferson Lecture hosted by the National Endowment for the Humanities tonight.  

I was going to risk being able to keep the hacking cough under control, as an exceptional not to be missed event.  However, the ultimate crappiness I felt from about 2pm yesterday on led me to weepiness and fatigue preventing me from my DC adventure.

Luckily, I found someone at work whose mouth dropped open when I gave him the tickets (despite the fact I had previously been unable to find a friend to accompany me)

So at least the event will be appreciated and I will get to hear about it.

If the med pack works, I am still trying to convince the hubby to go to VA beach for a day this weekend despite the fact we have been unable to secure a hotel room.



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