Posted by: Amanda | June 7, 2008

Heart Song

For those of us enamored of the tides it’s comforting to know the earth is affected by the moon and sun almost as much as the water is, that in our homes, and in our graves, we yet undulate with the rhythm of the sea.”

I saw that my happiest life was not where I came from, or where I was bound, but that life on the way.  It seems that whatever it is we seek, water might take us there.

The Fall makes me feel privy to rhythm and part of the pendulum’s arc: that point where it decides, in a moment of shivering instinct, to return to a life it’s known and loved.

I have become so familiar with the unpredictability of the ensuing moment that I’m in love with it too, and am forced to admit at last that I’m simply in love.”

I just finished reading (and the quotes above are from)  Sailing in a Spoonful of Water by Joe Coomer.  Fabulous book, the first I have read by the author and utterly different from my usual reading.  Parts of it I needed to read slowly as if rolling on the motion of the sea.  It captured me.  But these quotes, all from the last chapter or two, seem to speak right to my essence.

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