Posted by: Amanda | June 15, 2008

Hitting the Road…

I leave for a business trip to Phoenix on Tuesday.  Big Conference, largest group I have ever addressed I think: 350 managers, plus some of the highest execs in the agency.  

I think I am prepared as far as my presentation.  And then there is the fun stuff.

I bought a new computer carrying case/brief case that I had been eyeing since I got my laptop.  (I am taking the mac on its first journey) It was on sale – saved $70

I bought a samsonite carryon suitcase to replace the one I have had since highschool that was falling apart.  It has the four wheels and is 21 inch so can carry on – on sale at Ross – got it for a third what I had seen similar samsonite elsewhere in the last week or so.

I went to ULTA and got travel (less than 3 oz) of hair product so I can look and feel good during my presentation, but not have to check a bag.  This place is a resort – doubt there is a walgreens across the street to pick up what I can’t take on the plane.  So the savings here I guess is to not buy product at the onsite salon, but I wouldn’t do that anyway

Went to Borders to use the balance of my birthday gift card to have reading material on the plane (I was bored with what I was reading – Church of the Dog – but I finished it this morning anyway – it got better but not great)  Found two books, but had left my card at home.  Oh well, will always have more opportunities to buy books 😉

Bought a sundress for evenings out while in Phoenix.  Might be too much though, even with flip flops to dress it down.  But cool, the women in the family think it looks good on me.  Ben thinks its OK.

I just suddenly realized that my best friend from high school doesn’t live to far and if I can track her down again (we float in and out of each others lives through the years)  maybe we can get together.  Somehow I think she will fully get my life right now and may help me find my “truth”.  Even if not, it would be fun to see her 😉

I will be home late late Friday, have to work Saturday, and then Em and I leave Sunday for Diving Camp.

This summer is gonna fly.


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