Posted by: Amanda | June 24, 2008

Diving, Working, Walking, Relaxing, Reflecting

The girl is loving diving camp.  I am amazed at how much individualized attention the divers get considering the size of the group.  Em’s group is the smallest, with 8 divers – all day campers under 12.  She is working hard, having fun, getting better.  She can’t wait for the next day and is already asking if she can stay over night when she is 12.  I love that she is comfortable moving around the Academy.  She is a little uncomfortable with the Military personnel though.  

When I pick her up in the afternoons, she is hungry and tired and cranky and doesn’t want to talk.  (She is in a bascially intense work out from 9-Noon and 1:30-4:00 – with a lunch in Bancroft Hall in between.  But she loves it -that is clear.  And the little bit of the practices I have seen, she has done very well – holding her own.  The most feedback though I hear is on her posture and her arm movements.  That will come – but I am glad to hear coaches and others give her such positive and constructive feedback.

Today, at the end of the day I was waiting while she did some approach work on the trampoline.  She was tired and not really giving a lot of energy to what the coach wanted her to do.  She was paying attention and focused, but you could just see the lack of really trying.  The coach was getting a little frustrated because you couldn’t really fault her and yet she wasn’t quite getting it.  There were a group of male high school divers hanging out at the end of the trampoline waiting for their groups turn.  The coach told them all to turn around and watch Emily.  One stood up and held out his arms as if he would catch her if she came off the end of the trampoline.  

Emily kept her composure, (still not really doing it).  I wondered if that was as pressuring and embarrasing to her (as an almost nine year old who isnt really aware of boys except for her one little crush she has had since first grade) as it would have been to me if 5 cute older guys were just instructed to watch me jump up and down in my bathing suit.

At dinner (a great little place called the Boatyard) I asked.  She said – Yah! that was intense.  One of them even looked a little like Joe Jonas!  LOL.

I worked this morning for 2 1/2 hours after dropping her off, and once again getting lost in the 1.4 miles between the Academy and our hotel.  Then I spent the rest of the day lazing around the hotel room reading and sleeping.

Yesterday after I got her situated at the camp, I watched the first hour of camp activities from the stands.  Then when Em’s group moved to the gym (where I couldn’t go), I walked off the Academy grounds and into the waterfront area.  I walked up and down the quaint cobblestone streets and looked in shops.  I found a bookseller/coffee shop and bought a book (Haruki Marukami) and a soda and sat and read for over an hour in a little table in the window looking out over the street.  Then I wandered the streets some more looking in art galleries and craftsman stores.  I ended up for lunch in a place called Armadillo’s which was basically a bar with photos of the midshipmen and officers who drink there lining the walls.  But it being only 1:00 and I was alone , I had a chicken sandwich and a diet coke 😉  I sat for a while with my book – planning on people watching and reading some more before heading back to the waterfront to watch the sailboats (this is a very relaxing vacation can you tell?) when I received a second email on my blackberry about an urgent issue at work (Yes, despite my relaxed meandering vacation of solitude, I was monitoring my blackberry).  I called the person who needed the work to confirm that indeed later in the day when I planned on returning to the hotel was to late.  It was.  I paid my bill, hiked back onto Academy grounds where I had prestigiously left my vehicle.  Walked down the street where Harrison Ford got shot in one of those Tom Clancy movies – had a weird sort of dejavu moment till I realized what that was.  Got lost again, got back to the hotel, got internet access, got the work done and sent – then high tailed it back to get Em.

We had cheese pizza in an old greasy spoon diner down in the waterfront area followed by ice cream at a family owned place sitting watching boats.  Back to the hotel for relaxation early.

Our plan for tomorrow is pretzel dogs at the waterfront market (and probably some more of that yummy ice cream).  We are generally back at the hotel by six and em is in bed by seven, asleep by 8 or so.  Full days.

I am thinking that tommorrow, I may just take my laptop with me and do my 2 hour conference call outside or in a cafe after dropping Em off – then I will be again out and about for the day.  Thursday I have the conference call again for 2 hours, followed by a series of other 1/2 hour conference calls that will take me until noon – so I really do need to be back at the hotel for that so I can keep my blackberry charged (I tell you the taxpayers get more than their monies worth out of me from that thing – though I do get to sign in and not take leave for the time I am on these calls this week).  

Doing tons of thinking and reflecting and sorting while I have all this down time too.  Its not really easy, but its good to slow down enough to do it.  A really good friend has her voice back in my life and while what she says is not always easy to hear, I value her committment to me and willingness to say it and the timing is so right – I am hearing and processing it in a way I might not have been able to 3 months ago, or even 3 weeks ago.








  1. Love ya girl!

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