Posted by: Amanda | July 6, 2008

Back in the habit

Well, I guess I am back in the habit of blogging since I am going to record here our boring recovery weekend 🙂  Saturday we slept in till near noon (not having arrived home from Virginia Beach until 3 am that morning).  We all lazed around, not really doing anything.  Well, I did three loads of laundry, changed the sheets on the bed and unloaded and cleaned out the cooler.  My mom took Em to pick out a pair of light weight canvas tennis shoes for camp, which starts on Monday.

Today, I cleaned Em’s room top to bottom.  Got all the winter stuff that is likely to fit next year packed away, and 4 bags of clothes and stuffed animals ready for donation.  Her drawers are clean and organized with summer clothes.  Every corner, every basket, every decorative box and one of her toy boxes has been cleaned out.  Her desk is ready for schoolwork in the fall.  You wouldn’t believe the stuff I found shoved under her bed. But its all clean now.

My bathroom cupboards, my closet – my room in general are the next tasks (but not for today).  And then the desk downstairs needs a thorough de-cluttering.

Ben and Em went to the skateboard park to test out her new gear. They picked up some insect repellant spray for her camp bag on the way back.  Everything is labeled and neatly packed in her bag, with additional shirts and towels and labeled for daily replacement.  They also bought some discount fireworks for tonight.

We had the basic white trash dinner, easy and filling:  hamburger helper, green beans, crescent rolls, and  cut up cantelope/grapes/apples left over from our beach picnic. We have .99 cookies for desert.  

Tomorrow Em starts Congo camp – with swimming, camp games and songs, horseback riding, creeking, ropes course, arts&crafts.  She goes there for 4 weeks as a day camp and since its near my office will be riding with me to and from each day.  We need some good tunes for the 45 min drive 🙂  Thursday evening is the parent/camper Luau.  

I am not looking forward to going back to work.  But at least I have a nice tan to show for my two weeks off.

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