Posted by: Amanda | July 12, 2008

Books, Shelves, and School Supplies.

We put in two new 5 shelf bookshelves today!  Yay!  Places to put my books.  Shelves for ones I read and want to keep, ones I have read and haven’t found someone to give them too yet.  Shelves for those I haven’t read. Shelves, shelves.  

I finally read and finished Kafka on the Shore by Murakami.  I have wanted to read that for a long time, and really loved it.  Its probably better than the Wind Up Bird Chronicle, but Underground is still my favorite of his.

Emily saw the backpack she wants for school next year (at Macy’s) and I ordered it online (for less money) which spurred me to go to Target, since Krav Mom said Target had school supplies out.  So that is ready for the fall and as soon as the bag arrives I will pack it all up.

It’s a good thing because camp has been full blast and goes till the end of the month. The first week in August I am volunteering as a session instructor at the Hispanic Youth Symposium at George Mason University.  Then we go to Orlando (a business trip that the family is tagging along with). Then the very day we get back from Florida, Em flies to California and doesn’t come back until Labor day weekend.



    I miss you so much. Check out the link above- Chris is a good friend of Brian’s. We are all doing well. How have all Em’s camp’s been? Belgium is WONDERFUL- but taking care of 3 kids is HARD.

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