Posted by: Amanda | July 20, 2008

Face turned away… peeking through her fingers

What blessings has God given you that you don’t want? That you might be trying to push away?*

Could my struggles actually be within God’s will? I have always known he has not left me and that he would ultimately use it for His glory.  But could I be being led through the desert here?  I don’t think so, I know when I am pursuing my own desires.. but all the stuff around that – could all of that actually be answers, though painful and unexpected answers to my year long prayer that I ceased praying last September?

*That is part of a conversation in comments on my friend Pisco’s blog  But the thought is very timely for me.


  1. Hey friend! I’m home! We need to catch up!

  2. I can think of two blessings right away that I don’t want: my hearing impairment and my ability to get lost inside of my own head and tune out the outside world.

    Hope you had a fine weekend!

  3. Tag! You’re it!

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