Posted by: Amanda | July 12, 2008

Books, Shelves, and School Supplies.

We put in two new 5 shelf bookshelves today!  Yay!  Places to put my books.  Shelves for ones I read and want to keep, ones I have read and haven’t found someone to give them too yet.  Shelves for those I haven’t read. Shelves, shelves.  

I finally read and finished Kafka on the Shore by Murakami.  I have wanted to read that for a long time, and really loved it.  Its probably better than the Wind Up Bird Chronicle, but Underground is still my favorite of his.

Emily saw the backpack she wants for school next year (at Macy’s) and I ordered it online (for less money) which spurred me to go to Target, since Krav Mom said Target had school supplies out.  So that is ready for the fall and as soon as the bag arrives I will pack it all up.

It’s a good thing because camp has been full blast and goes till the end of the month. The first week in August I am volunteering as a session instructor at the Hispanic Youth Symposium at George Mason University.  Then we go to Orlando (a business trip that the family is tagging along with). Then the very day we get back from Florida, Em flies to California and doesn’t come back until Labor day weekend.

Posted by: Amanda | July 6, 2008

Again, he speaks to my soul…

I wonder if each of us has someone fall whom we cannot catch, and, in turn, falls for someone who has no choice but to let us drop.

The entire post is beautiful and soulful, but this one phrase really caught me.

And from the book I am reading – Kafka on the Shore, this gem:

In travelling,  companionship; in life compassion.  

So much to think about.

Posted by: Amanda | July 6, 2008

Back in the habit

Well, I guess I am back in the habit of blogging since I am going to record here our boring recovery weekend 🙂  Saturday we slept in till near noon (not having arrived home from Virginia Beach until 3 am that morning).  We all lazed around, not really doing anything.  Well, I did three loads of laundry, changed the sheets on the bed and unloaded and cleaned out the cooler.  My mom took Em to pick out a pair of light weight canvas tennis shoes for camp, which starts on Monday.

Today, I cleaned Em’s room top to bottom.  Got all the winter stuff that is likely to fit next year packed away, and 4 bags of clothes and stuffed animals ready for donation.  Her drawers are clean and organized with summer clothes.  Every corner, every basket, every decorative box and one of her toy boxes has been cleaned out.  Her desk is ready for schoolwork in the fall.  You wouldn’t believe the stuff I found shoved under her bed. But its all clean now.

My bathroom cupboards, my closet – my room in general are the next tasks (but not for today).  And then the desk downstairs needs a thorough de-cluttering.

Ben and Em went to the skateboard park to test out her new gear. They picked up some insect repellant spray for her camp bag on the way back.  Everything is labeled and neatly packed in her bag, with additional shirts and towels and labeled for daily replacement.  They also bought some discount fireworks for tonight.

We had the basic white trash dinner, easy and filling:  hamburger helper, green beans, crescent rolls, and  cut up cantelope/grapes/apples left over from our beach picnic. We have .99 cookies for desert.  

Tomorrow Em starts Congo camp – with swimming, camp games and songs, horseback riding, creeking, ropes course, arts&crafts.  She goes there for 4 weeks as a day camp and since its near my office will be riding with me to and from each day.  We need some good tunes for the 45 min drive 🙂  Thursday evening is the parent/camper Luau.  

I am not looking forward to going back to work.  But at least I have a nice tan to show for my two weeks off.

Posted by: Amanda | July 5, 2008

Final Day of Vacation – Fireworks at the Beach

For some reason, the fourth of July is the holiday that drives me nuts not to have fun things planned.  I can deal with a quiet Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween.  But the fourth – I hate lazing around waiting for dark to send off a few sparks purchased at the corner booth.

8 of the last 10 years we have had wonderful 4th of July’s in Placerville with my Dad and Step Mom. Parades and Music and fairgrounds and lakes.  This year we couldn’t go. 

So, on Thursday, we decided to risk the weather and the crowds and the unknown parking and if the Grandma’s could handle the long day.  We packed up the truck with people and coolers and blankets and shade devices and  made the 3 1/2 hour drive, headed for Virginia Beach.

It was Great!!! Full but not uncomfortably crowded – Hot but not miserable, Bike rentals easy, and the ride on the boardwalk super fun, long drive – but doable.  Fireworks from a barge in the ocean.

The only thing wrong was the sun set on the wrong side.

Now, Saturday is back to reality.  Laundry, and getting ready for camp (but first a little blogging.

Posted by: Amanda | July 3, 2008

Birthday Photos

The Mani-Pedi (a special mother daughter treat)

The favorite presents were the cell phone from Grandma and the skateboard from Mom and Dad with Gear from Nana:

The middle of the day was hanging out at home with the dogs:

And then dinner at Emily’s choice: Benihana

And finally cake and ice cream rolled into one:

Posted by: Amanda | July 3, 2008

The day’s agenda

We are currently lazing around the living room watching the stupidest Animal Planet show – some kind of cross between the Dog Whisperer and Super Nanny.  

Soon we will begin moving and the girl and I will go get mani-pedi’s.  We pick up the cake at noon.  At 5 pm we have reservations at Benihana’s.


Posted by: Amanda | July 3, 2008

To the Girl, on the occasion of her 9th Birthday

My sweet, sweet girl –

Joy of my life, richness of all the unique wonder God made you to be, Happy Birthday.  Nine years ago, I today I was praying over your life as it began.  God in all his wonder blessed us all with you.  The time has flown so.  I relish every moment of you.  The tiny you laid upon my shoulder.  The feet kicking infant you were.  The joyful toddler, the inquisitive preschooler, the articulate gradeschooler.  My Girl.

As you went to sleep on the last night of being 8, I held you in my arms and told you so many things I love about the uniqueness of you.  And you are, you know.  Unique.  So unique.  I love you.  My Girl.

What will 9 hold for my girl?  Will you remain the funky, sporty girl with a penchant for shoes?  Will this summer see you grow inches?  Will learning an instrument, or joining your first team sport challenge and change you?  Will 9 see the spurt of self sufficient independence we saw a glimmer of at Diving Camp?  Will fourth grade be hard, or will it all finally “click” for you?  Will your gaggle of girlfriends remain the “drama queens” with daily soap opera worthy stories?  Or will you find a few good trustworthy friends?

Somethings I know will not change as you move from 8 to 9.  Those things that are the core of who you are.  Your good and kind heart that tunes into when others are hurting and you want to give a hug to make it better.  You are such a loving little girl.  Your love of outdoors and gross motor activities.  Your funny sense of humor that loves the quirky things in life.  Your hugs!  Since you were a toddler, you have given the best hugs!  Your indelible thirst for understanding language.  You have always been verbally acute, but recently you pick up on phrases and


concepts and are constantly asking what they mean.  You see nuance everywhere and want to understand it.

I love how we can talk about anything, how we are close.  I want that always for us, that you can say anything and know I will love you always.


 I know the next decade will be harder for us both, as you grow and stretch and separate.  But I have such confidence in you.  You are strong, and smart, and fun (Fisher Girls!)  You love God and know to seek him in all your ways.  You will do well in each step this next year takes you.  Know that Daddy and I are here, always cheering you on – waiting to help in anyway we can – and taking joy in sharing your life.  

You are My Girl 😉



Posted by: Amanda | July 2, 2008

Wish me luck

I submitted my application for a promotion today.  I have half a shot, I think.

Posted by: Amanda | July 2, 2008

Day 2 and 3

Day 2 was Kings Dominion.  Lovely day, not too hot – but warm enough for water rides.  Not too packed.  But really just generic theme park.  Being raised on Disney, nothing else is quite the same, ya know?  Good day.

Today was a quieter day – went to see the new American Girls movie.

Tomorrow – the girl turns 9!

Posted by: Amanda | July 1, 2008

Family Vacation – Day Trips

Since I failed to book our cabin at fairy stone in time, its a vacation of day trips.  Yesterday was the waterpark.

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