Posted by: Amanda | March 31, 2007

Emily is Getting Glasses

The school did a vision test, said 20/30 – that she could see the blackboard fine, that while 20/30 is normal any “squinting” would be up close. 

I made an appointment with an optometrist anyway.

Turns out her vision is 20/50, though her eyes are healthy.  The did this cool digital imaging thing – no more dilation!, She does have floaters though.  No blurriness.

The optometrist is very concerned that she only use it for distance viewing – copying off the board, or watching TV.  NOT for reading or bookwork.

So Emily picked out a pair of purple nine west glasses with a sort of flattened pentagonal shape and beads on the side. (I will post photos when they come in, in about a week.


  1. Can’t wait to see pictures! J got his glasses at 5 and is *supposed* to wear them HA!

    Interesting about the no dilation needed…that is a nice change.

  2. I can’t wait for pictures either!

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