Posted by: Amanda | October 2, 2006

Ask the Internet


The consensus seemed to be get one where the letters are big, bold and visible at the top.  I spent some time at Borders during my lunch hour and we ended up with the Scholastic, first dictionary.  It won’t last past this school year before she outgrows it, but it is just perfect for right now and she is very excited.  The others either had the definitions beyond her vocabulary level, or if they were right – the letters were small or not easily tracked (for learning how to use a dictionary).

So,  we are good.  Thanks all. 


Calling all Teachers, former Teachers, Teachers on hiatus to raise their kids, Homeschool Mom and Dads, and anyone else who has a reason to give input.

I need to go buy a Children’s dictionary tomorrow.  What one do you think is best?

I want her to be able to use it NOW (2nd grade), if she can use it now, and more than 2nd and third grade, great – but not required.  Something too complicated for her to get definitions out of for her spelling words  – won’t work.

I have used the American Heritage dictionary since 6th grade (not the student or collegiate version – the real deal), but that puppy is huge and when we moved and it was well worn/loved – I didn’t bring it with us.

We didn’t even have a dictionary in the house until last week (I just always used the computer), but I got frustrated doing a bible study that had lots of get the dictionary deffinition stuff where I didn’t want to log on while in my study.  I just grabbed a Merriam Webster in the grocery check out line.  For the quick stuff for me, KNOWING I would get another American Heritage someday.

But Em needs a dictionary to do her spelling word activities.  And I want her to have a good one that she can get comfortable with and will have the words she needs in it, but will also explain things in terms she can understand and doesn’t have lots of gobbleygook to weigh her down.

So what say you friends and countrymen – what dictionary for kids do you LOVE? 


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